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Turf Brighton

Installing a new lawn seem to be an easy task for some people but it involves a lot of labour.

If you want a new lawn without the hassles of all the measuring, preparing the ground, spreading underlay and laying turf, Turf Brighton Bayside Gardening has the right solution for you.

We operate over residential and commercial properties and do all kind of jobs whether it is small or big.

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What Turf Brighton can we provide?

We directly buy turf from growers to provide you with the best price possible.

Our suppliers are growing different grass that we will advise you depending on weather conditions and your lawn requirements.

We can get the following :

  • Sir Walter Buffalo – Australia’s most used grass, tough yet soft, low maintenance and good looking.
  • Kikuyu Grass looks good in areas of full sun and is resistant to high foot traffic
  • Tall Fescue is adapted to a wide range of growing conditions

Help with your Turf Brighton installation

We process the following way, taking care of all aspects of the installation without any outsourcing to keep a low price :

  • Measure your garden
  • Advise on the right type of grass depending on location, weather conditions, soil type and other particular conditions
  • Quote for the whole installation – within your budget, free of charge with no obligation
  • Prepare the ground, we are specialized in excavation and earthwork or use manual labour if access is restricted
  • Organise a convenient delivery time for you
  • Spread the turf underlay and fertilizer if required
  • Lay the turf by cutting all corners and around garden beds to a perfect shape
  • Advise on aftercare from our certified horticulturists to make sure your turf will thrive over short and long-term
turf brighton melbourne

Turf Brighton Bayside Gardening is ready to help and match your needs. Additionally, we can also help with regular garden maintenance and tree services.


Inquire on our Contact page and get in touch ASAP to get the most beautiful Turf Brighton of the neighbourhood