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Tree Trimming Companies

At Bayside Gardening, we provide a complete range of expert tree removal services across the Bayside Area.

We provide Tree Trimming Companies Services and are guaranteed and conducted by trained professionals. We have a wide range of customers including households, landlords, real estate agencies, property managers, builders and architects, commercial properties, …

If you want trees that not only add a gorgeous look to property but also safe and secure, you have just found the right company to contact.

We have a lot of experience in the following services: tree care, thinning and pruning, tree and stump removal, as well as garden maintenance, turfing and irrigation implementation.

We are fully insured and qualified.

Whether you have a branch that needs removing, a whole tree or a stump, we get the job done properly in a safe and effective manner.  You can choose the option for all rubbish on site to be removed alongside our tree services.

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Get the right treatment for your sick trees

Nothing is sadder than losing a tree to bugs, disease, drought or a storm …

If one of your trees shows signs of discoloured foliage, oozing barks or others alarming symptoms, Bayside can assess your garden plants & trees to find a suitable and cost-effective treatment. We will ensure the creation of a thriving environment for your shrubs, plants and trees.

However, you cannot always save trees, and sometimes it is too late … Our team is honest and will let you know if its the case and advise you on a possible removal and replacement.

Bayside team is also providing regular garden maintenance and will closely monitor your plants’ health and general garden conditions to ensure no diseases spread across your garden.

Can’t find the tree trimming companies you are looking for? Contact us via email and we’ll be in touch to see if we can accommodate your needs.

What are Tree Trimming Companies Services?

Our services can be hedging, thinning and pruning.

Trees need to be generally tidied up by selecting some branches to be removed, or trimming the general shape

Shrubs and bushes, having a very aesthetic purpose as a garden feature, need to be regularly assessed and trimmed. It is important to process with the cutting at the right time of the year to allow the development of the foliage.

Shaping and controlling a tree growth improves the overall health and fruition of flowers and/or fruit. Moreover, it reduces the risk of dead wood falls over your habitation

Pruning has several purposes. It allows light and air to reach the plant for a better natural growth and removes the excess weight of damaged and diseased branches.

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Should you proceed with a Complete Removal of your Trees?

We will advise you if a tree should be removed or not.

Bayside horticulturists specialists can take care of any tree under 4 meters of height on any site or property. We will ensure the safety of all parties and properties surrounding the tree. We have the experience to protect your belongings and your neighbours’ when safely taking down a tree. We have all the right equipment to process.

Unfortunately, we are limited to a maximum height of 4 meters.  For any taller trees, we have a trusted list of arborists we have worked with and that we will  recommend to you when necessary.

Tree Trimming Companies Process Include :

  • Assessing the base & tree surrounding
  • Determining the general condition of the tree
  • Evaluating branch distribution and tree height
  • Ensuring OH&S regulation respect for our team and clients
  • Observing which direction a tree is leaning towards and take the necessary safety precautions
  • Identifying the safest and optimal location for a lowering zone
  • Removing tree, cleaning up and general tidy up

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