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Synthetic Grass Melbourne

The biggest concern for homeowners when it comes to synthetic grass Melbourne is whether or not it looks artificial.

Luckily, over the last 65 years, research and development have refined synthetic grass. Through innovation in technology, the industry has created a high-quality synthetic grass that is soft to the touch and multi-dimensional in colour – just like real grass!

The best thing about synthetic grass it how it looks lush and green all year round, regardless of the weather or water conditions. It is soft to touch and even great to walk on barefoot. You’ll find you and your family spending more time in your yard after the installation of synthetic grass. It becomes a feature of your house you’ll love and creates a comfortable and inviting outdoor entertaining area for all to enjoy.

More homeowners around Melbourne are making the switch to synthetic grass with our help at Bayside Gardening.

We take the time to find a synthetic grass solution in-line with your budget.

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Reason’s you’ll love our synthetic grass Melbourne

  • The possibilities are endless!
  • No watering
  • No mowing
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Child & Pet-friendly(no nasty pesticides or prickles!)
  • Soft to touch and always lush

Did you know synthetic grass can save you money in the long run?

It means there are no recurring lawn maintenance costs, no tools to buy or gardeners to hire. No seeds, pesticides and other chemicals, no watering or sprinkler systems; that means more money in the pocket and more time to spend on what matters to you most.

As part of our soft landscaping services, Synthetic grass Melbourne is the ideal long-lasting solution for residential yards, businesses, schools, sports grounds and playgrounds.

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At Bayside Gardening, we use artificial products made in Australia almost exclusively.  You can feel confident that your choice of synthetic turf is safe, strong and secure. Not only are you making a great decision for yourself, but you are also supporting the Australian industry. When thinking synthetic turf Melbourne, think Bayside Gardening professional landscapers.