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Soft Landscaping Brighton by Bayside Gardening

In need of soft landscaping Brighton services? We offer a wide array of soft landscaping work in the Bayside area, from design and soft landscaping construction to irrigation supply and installation, garden bed edging and different tree services. We place a very high importance on creating a space which will be close to your dream garden which will cherish and thrive for many years.

Bayside Gardening can handle soft landscaping and diverse maintenance projects with Brighton and the Bayside region, but we can also operate in Melbourne & its inner close suburbs.

Once we have assessed and understood your requirements, we will offer a free non-obligatory quote. We ensure that no extra costs and charges will come up during the project, we strive in providing a reliable and efficient soft landscaping Brighton projects. Experience the bayside difference.

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What Bayside Gardening Soft Landscaping Brighton services,  can do for you?

Our services include many different types of soft landscaping, relating to tree and plants lifes as well as minor constructions and maintenance services.

The services we can provide you, include (but are not limited to) the following soft landscaping services :


  • Design :

Soft landscaping Brighton and design services are closely linked. A sustainable and efficient design focused on aesthetics, will always take in consideration parameters such as water supply and management, existing layout and amenity of the spaces, climate conditions and soil quality. Correctly designing a garden isn’t easy and should be incorporated into your home’s design. Bayside Gardening will help in creating a sustainable and alluring green space which will look just like you.

Contact us so we can start discussing how we would construct sustainable artificial landscapes enhancing your property.

  • Irrigation Installation, Repairs & Programming

We know how important it is to keep your irrigation systems up and running at all time. Breakdowns can happen anytime, that is why we specialise and have high expertise in domestic irrigation systems. We can fix any leaks, pumps, filters, sprinklers or pipes damages. We are reliable and will repair your irrigation system issues in no-time.

Moreover, if you do not have any irrigation system installed, we can still help out. Whether it be a new system or converting an existing system to a more efficient irrigation, Bayside Gardening is the most suitable company to call and have a preliminary discussion about your needs.

Additionally, it is important to have a correct irrigation programming adapting to seasons, weathers and water restrictions.

  • Mulching/ground covering and planting

Regular mulching is important to retain soil moisture, limit weed growth and generally enhance the look of your garden beds. Being one of the most regular activity our horticulturists are carrying out, be sure that we know how to correctly spread the mulch to the most appealing appearance possible. In addition, we sometimes like to use ground covers such as ivies, moneyworts, clovers or hostas when the soft landscape Brighton solutions are limited. These plants will grow anywhere and keep weeds out. When looking for ornamental beds, ground covers are a solution.

Our highly experienced and knowledgeable horticulturists will advise on how to correctly choose plants adapted to your gardens. As it can be a difficult task, we always consider the existing garden layour, weather and climate conditions, shade conditions and on-site soil. It is highly advised to approach professionals to help choosing plants and correctly get them inground.

  • Hedging, edging and pruning

Everybody knows a garden is made up of different trees and plant species. These plants are ornamental, decorative, functional or produce fruits, through their foliage. These elements have to be correctly chosen and mixed up to create a meaningful space. However, the maintenance is indispensable to keep up a pleasant look. Trimming and pruning are an important aspect of soft landscaping Brighton services. Keep your hedges healthy by allowing Bayside Gardening to be responsible of them.

  • Turf Installations & Maintenance

Have you ever dreamt to have a magnificent patchless and evergreen turf? Having a uniform green space is the fastest way to improve your spaces visually. We will recommend you with the best-suited solutions. If you don’t have time to install & take care of your lawn, we will do the hard work for you avoiding all the hassles such a job comes with. Our accredited team can help. We will do the measuring, ground preparation, underlay and turf installations.