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Commercial Gardening

Keeping a business’s gardens in good shape is important for the image of the business. A tired and messy garden or lawn can give a bad first impression to customers visiting a premises, so having a team who can maintain and manage your outdoor spaces efficiently to a high level pays dividends.

We are experienced in managing commercial properties of all sizes and can utilise our horticulture and landscaping expertise to improve commercial garden spaces. Through a walk-around consultation with you, we assess your grounds and provide you with a strategy for getting your gardens looking exceptional and maintained moving forwards. We factor in your needs, priorities and budget to come to an agreement that works for you, so you can leave us to take of your grounds while you take care of your business. We appreciate you want a team who will manage your gardens without you needing to be involved when you don’t have the time, so we use our initiative to manage your gardens as to your original requirements.

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commercial gardening baysides


We recognize that trust is an integral part of a healthy gardener/customer relationship. You don’t just let anyone into your property, especially when you aren’t there, which is why we take extra measures to ensure your peace of mind.

Besides being police checked, fully insured and adhering to OHS standards, all our work is monitored using an app called ‘ServiceM8’. ServiceM8 uses GPS to track our movements throughout the day, enabling us to check in and out when we arrive at and leave a customers home. This allows us to monitor exactly how long we’ve spent working for you and provide an accurate invoice, which can be accounted for and proven geographically at your request. It also notifies you at least 24 hours prior to our visit, so you aren’t surprised and have the opportunity to move the visit to a more convenient time if necessary. What’s more, we use ServiceM8 to take photos and record notes about the ongoing care of your garden, guaranteeing we keep on top of your gardens needs and potential development.


All our work is covered by a guarantee, to ensure your peace of mind. If something about your garden is not as agreed or becomes problematic due to a mistake we make, we will come back and fix it free of charge.