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Irrigation Systems Melbourne

With 10 years experience, Bayside Gardening is the best choice for all your irrigation system installations. From a humble home irrigation system supply all the way to industrial and commercial systems.


We pride ourselves on providing only the best, durable and most reliable irrigation system brands on the market such as; Hunter, Rainbird, and Irritol.


Whether your garden is new off the plan, or existing and requiring a refurbish; we provide quality work on all irrigation system installations, at a competitive price for all budgets.

Why install an irrigation system?

  • Conserves water and time/manual labour.
  • Set and forget (automatic watering)
  • Saves you money (reduces 50% off manual watering usage)
  • Prevents disease and weeds
  • Improves growth of plants, crops, lawns, and flowers
  • Preserves soil and nutrients for a healthy garden


There is no job too big or small, we can find a solution based on your specific requirements to get you the results you need. From maintaining a healthy garden bed to reducing the manual labour in a commercial business park – we can get you what you need.


We have the knowledge and know-how to manage your requirements from quote to finish and provide you with aftercare every step of the way after your installation is complete.


Contact us today with your budget and we can put together some options. We can also assist with turf installation and grass trimming.

Automatic Sprinkler System, Drip Lines & Spray Installation

At Bayside Gardening, we use the latest methods of irrigation. Our irrigation systems Melbourne installations can be either connected to a supplying tank or to the main water system. We offer free advice to ensure you have the right system installed. An irrigation system isn’t as easy as it seems to install. Indeed, some prior calculations are required to deliver the right amount of water to each and every plant. An efficient and reliable will be installed with different settings taking into account the plants needs, the area and period of the year.

Automatic Or Manual?

We always recommend opting for an automatic system to avoid the hassle of a manual irrigation repetitive labour. However, these irrigation systems Melbourne installations are more costly and aren’t always the most suitable option available for your needs.

Drip, Spray or Popups?

Drips systems are by far the savviest option for water efficient irrigation in residential and small commercial gardens. it delivers the right amount of water without wasting large amounts. Being incredibly efficient, drip lines are recognised by professionals as the best irrigation systems Melbourne available. As it is meticulously placed to make sure the plants’ roots are sprayed equally, it is also very easy to install while being highly effective.


Sprays are the most common systems found in Melbourne gardens, especially on the Bayside coast. Having the ability to be set up on different patterns or radius, it is ideal for ground covers and large garden beds. However, it requires more ground preparation and involves digging trenches in most cases.


Popups are best suited for lawn irrigation. A wide array of sizes and heights can be set up to cover any small or large area. They are consistent, durable and reliable and will work all year long !



At Bayside Gardening, we are able to design any irrigation systems Melbourne, install it and advice you on your garden water needs while staying within your budget. Call us today to find out more!

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