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Hampton Tree Service

We provide Hampton Tree Service and are guaranteed and conducted by trained professionals.

Bayside Gardening – Hampton offers a wide range of tree services to protect your investments and properties. We can also assist in preparing any land for construction. We are using the latest technology and tools to ensure safety for all parties involved.

You can choose the option for all rubbish on site to be removed alongside our hampton tree services.
Branches leaning over a house, Deadwood, or diseased trees can lead to severe damage and costly repairs to your goods. Give us a call to assess the danger to your homes, cars, … and we will certify if the tree needs to be removed or pruned.

Hampton Tree Service Bayside
Hampton Tree Services Bayside
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Hampton Tree Bayside

Hampton Thinning and Pruning of your Trees

We tidy up overgrown trees or bushes by selective removal of branches and foliage/tree trimming.

Bushes can either be designed for an aesthetic garden feature or completely removed to pave way for new plants and garden bed designs. We can trim and shape your hedges and bushes to give you a privacy fence or an aesthetic front yard

Pruning includes the shaping or controlling of a tree, it improves the overall health and fruition of flowers and/or fruit, reduces the risk of falling branches and removes dead wood. Removing dead sections from trees ensures that healthy areas will thrive in the future. This option will also make your property safer from falling damages.

Better sunlight and air circulation is another benefit for your garden with Hampton Tree Service, one of the best tree trimming companies around!

Pruning and thinning trees have 2 major benefits :

  • Healthier trees: removal of dead, broken or diseased material will prevent fungi and various disease to penetrate and infect others areas. Better sunlight and air circulation is another great benefit for your garden with Hampton Tree Service.
  • Aesthetic improvement: Tree structures enhancement can be undertaken at several stages of the trees’ growth. Thinning young trees is the most beneficial as we can shape the branch architecture to ensure the desired growth and reduce the risk of future problems. For older trees, we can help in reforming unique architectural shapes, ensuring a well aesthetically grown tree.

Complete Removal of Trees in Hampton

We are limited to a maximum height of 4 meters tall for any tree removal. We have a trusted list of arborists which we can recommend to you if you are looking for someone in the area.

We will remove unwanted, dying, or dead trees. If we can help you save the tree, our arborist experts will help.

We can take care of any tree under 4 meters for both residential and commercial sites with our Hampton tree service

Bayside Gardening will take great care to ensure the safety of both the tree, the surroundings of the job location and all people whilst removing a tree from your property.

We use the right equipment for the job to ensure the Hampton Tree Trimming Services are completed efficiently and effectively.

Disease Finding and Treating

We can assess your plants, trees and garden bed to find a suitable and cost-effective solution to treat any found diseases and create an environment where your garden can thrive.

We can proactively monitor your garden during regular maintenance to ensure any diseases are caught early and treated quickly so they don’t spread across your garden.

Can’t find any suitable tree care services in Hampton? Contact us via email and we’ll be in touch to see if we can accommodate your needs.

Give us a call for a free quote and an assessment of your trees. Bayside can also assist on commercial properties tree trimming!